Dr Ho SH, prostate support group members and counsellors
The group was formed by Dr Ho with the support of urologists, psychologist, medical social worker and urology nurse counsellors in June 2007 for patients who have been diagnosed of prostate cancer.
Patients with prostate cancer are diagnosed a various stages of the disease and may undergo several treatment options like surgery, radiation, hormonal or radiotherapy. The journey is long and may sometimes be lonely.
Much can be derived and shared between fellow patients who have undergone or are undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.
Prostate Cancer Support Group
The objective of this self-help group is to:
  1. relieve the physical or mental distress of persons with prostate cancer
  2. provide education and information about prostate cancer to persons who may be affected
  3. provide an avenue for persons with prostate cancer to share their experiences with others who are in similar situations
Our activities
We have had 5 monthly meetings since our inception in June 2007. These are 2 hours sessions where each session is preceded by an educational talk and followed by a free-sharing session. During the sharing session, participants are encouraged to share their emotional and physical experiences in handling prostate cancer. A medical social worker and psychologist are at hand to lend any advice.
The following topics have been covered during the educational talks:
  1. Handling the psychological trauma of prostate cancer
  2. Erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer
  3. Urinary incontinence and prostate cancer
  4. Living with advanced prostate cancer
Our members may also call or meet-up with any persons who are newly diagnosed of prostate cancer who may require their support.
Our members
We welcome all persons who have prostate cancer to join our group. Currently, we have 23 active members who have contributed and benefited from the meetings.
+65 6475 2512 (Jolene)
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