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Shin Min Daily News, 26 May 2009
A young patient of Dr Ho shared his experience with testicular cancer. Testes cancer is the commonest cancer in men between ages 20-40. It presents as a painless lump in the testes that may grow rapidly over a short time.
Metro TV Indonesia, Nov 24 2008
Dr Ho was interviewed 'live' on Indonesia national TV on prostate diseases and prostate cancer in men. The program was conducted in Bahasa Indonesia and hosted by Ms Suraya Haque
Lianhe Wan Bao, Nov 4 2008
Press release of a recently concluded Singapore study on 600 men show that 1 in 5 men may be suffering from hypogonadism or low testosterone state, leading to higher risk of developing the metabolic syndrome and sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction
My Paper, Nov 5 2008
Data from a local survey of 600 participants show that 12% of men under 45, may suffer from low testosterone or andropause, leading to erectile dysfunction and low libido. Dr Ho was one of the investigators in this national survey
Shin Min Daily News, Nov 1 2008
Urine stones or kidney stones are very common and affects men four times more than women. It is often a forgotten problem. Dr Ho discussed the risks of developing urine stone and treatment available
Medical Tribune, Sept 2008
Dr Ho contributed this article on diagnosis and treatment of hypogonadism or low testosterone for a regional publication for health care professionals. Many treatment options are available and very effective
Shape Magazine, July 2008
Dr Ho commented on the problem of recurrent urinary tract infections in a magazine for women. Urinary tract infections are extremely common in women. Risk factors and preventive measures are discussed
My Paper, March 2008
Celebrating its ten years in Singapore, Dr Ho shares his experience in prescribing Viagra for patients with Erectile Dysfunction. The effectiveness and safety profile of this drug is discussed in depth
Medical Grapevine, March 2008
Dr Ho contributed an article on vasectomy and male contraception in a magazine for Singapore healthcare providers. Vasectomy is still regarded as a highly effective and safe method of 'permanent' contraception for males
Lianhe Wanbao, May 2008
An interview with the Chinese press looks into the impact of erectile dysfunction on family relationships. Dr Ho also highlighted the importance of seeking proper treatment and dangers of 'counterfeit' drugs
Lianhe Zao Bao, 2007
Patient expressing her gratitude in the leading local Chinese newspaper after undergoing a successful surgery by Dr Ho Siew Hong